keepyouright asked:
Have you listened to Sun Bones? They're still pretty small-time but they've got a lot goin on. I especially like the tracks "New Zealand," Kite String" and "Skeleton" off of their album Sentinel Peak. I think they have a soundcloud.

and i said:

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check them out 😊

Title: Lua

Artist: Bright Eyes

Album: I'm Wide Awake It's Morning
Played: 7,444times

And I know you have a heavy heart; I can feel it when we kiss. (…) If you promise to stay conscious I will try and do the same. We might die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain.

Title: You're A Mirror I Cannot Avoid

Artist: Bad Books

Album: Bad Books
Played: 1,801times

You’re A Mirror I Cannot Avoid - Bad Books
Just come back and peel away the mess
Lay here beside me and open your eyes
Take it back: your dignity, your tact
Turn back to the person you tried to let die

Title: Burgh Island

Artist: Ben Howard

Album: The Burgh Island
Played: 1,717times

And if ever to leave, I’ll say before I go
That you’re the best woman I ever known.

Title: What Makes You Beautiful

Artist: The 1975

Album: BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge
Played: 211,621times

The 1975 covering “What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction in the Radio 1 Live Lounge

Title: Keep Yourself Warm

Artist: Frightened Rabbit

Album: The Midnight Organ Fight
Played: 601times


Keep Yourself Warm // Frightened Rabbit 

Title: Grace Kelly

Artist: Mika

Album: Life In Cartoon Motion
Played: 8,801times


Grace Kelly Mika

Title: Shades Of Cool (Acapella)

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Album: Ultraviolence
Played: 25,519times


Shades Of Cool (Acapella) 

Title: One

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Album: x
Played: 11,065times



Title: The Woods

Artist: Daughter

Album: His Young Heart
Played: 9,055times

and i pray a lot for you,
and i look out for you.
the woods - daughter